Friday, 30 November 2012

In Brendan we trust: Why Liverpool fans should look forward to the future

A couple months ago I wrote an article on the youth at Liverpool and why they are so key to the success of the football club. Now in November, Liverpool find themselves mid table and ten points away from the top four. Despite this, as a fan, I feel there have been plenty of signs over the last couple of months to be positive about where the club is going under the reign of Brendan Rogers.

Having only won three games this season, it's far too easy to criticise and complain about the manager. Look at Chelsea, despite winning the FA Cup and the Champions League, Roberto Di Matteo was sacked only 6 months into the job just because of a few poor team performances.

With Liverpool and Rogers, progress is being made. The input of young players has had a big impact on the team and has shown that the football club has a very bright future. Looking back over the past couple of seasons, it has been hard to watch a team struggle to make any impact on the top half of the league. Big signings were made and these players didn't perform.

As mentioned, we have only three league wins this season which could well be doubled based on a number of games. Having lost to Spurs on Wednesday, Liverpool's eight game unbeaten run came to an end. Despite losing this game, looking back at the highlights of the game, we should have easily come out with a draw, maybe a win. Last season's fixture at White Hart Lane saw the home side win 4-0 in a resounding performance  One season on we were unlucky to suffer a 2-1 defeat. The difference in performances is obvious, we looked stronger, quicker and competed much better with a very strong Spurs outfit.

What I am trying to get at is the progression in the small amount of time under Rogers. Not just in the Spurs game but in general over the beginning of the season. Yes we didn't get off to the best start to the season, but the unbeaten run showed what a good side we can be. The draw against Swansea last weekend was one which should have been a win. The same can be said for the Everton game where we were denied a clear winner. Now it is easy to say 'we could have won that' but having witnessed these games it was disappointing to come out with just a point.

The form of Luis Suarez is one I could not miss out and but for him, yes we would be a lot further down the table. Rogers has put a lot of faith in the Uruguayan and he has repaid that with some excellent form and some superb performances. This is where my only criticism of Rogers comes in. His signings in the summer lacked another forward, it's been clearly made in the media and the football world and I'm very sure he regrets that now. January will be massive for Rogers and bringing in another striker to aid Suarez is vital. There have been mentions of a number of forwards but with Darren Bent out of favour at Villa, signing him I believe would be an excellent addition.

The form and performances of the younger players in the squad is a massive positive that I can take out of the season so far. In particular Jonjo Shelvey, Raheem Sterling, Andre Wisdom and Suso have taken to the Premier League excellently and have proven their selection by Rogers. These performances have been rewarded and noticed at national level seeing Shelvey and Sterling called up to the England national squad, and Wisdom and Suso called up to their respective national under 21 teams.

The faith Rogers has shown to these youngsters is great to see from a fans perspective and have proven a good decision. If performances continue the way they have been over the past couple of months then there is a lot to look forward to for the fans of Liverpool. For me Rogers is proving to be the right man for the job and as long as he is given the backing, Liverpool will eventually get back to where they once belonged.

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