Thursday, 5 January 2012

Results in 2011/12 has shown us there are no longer 'easy games' in the Premier League

So far, the 2011/12 season has definitely been one of the most exciting seasons in the Premier League for a long time. We have seen a variety of odd results, upsets and some fantastic goals but what is becoming visible is there are no easy games for anyone.

We are currently half way through an incredible season that has seen some incredible results that no one would have ever predicted at the start of the campaign. The 8-2 demolition of Arsenal by Manchester United at Old Trafford in August is the stand out result that saw the current league champions make the Gunners look  a complete laughing stock. However this result came back to haunt the Red Devils when their rivals and big spenders Manchester City beat them 6-1 at home. Other results that have stood out so far include Arsenal beating London rivals Chelsea 5-3 at Stamford Bridge and Tottenham Hotspur beating Liverpool 4-0 at White Hart Lane.

It is now clear that a top four in the league no longer exists. Teams like Spurs and Manchester City have significantly improved their squads and now are competing for the top positions in the league. What was a top four 5 years ago has now become a top six, meaning one of the clubs will miss out on a European position at the end of the season. We can't rule out the form and ever growing improvement from Newcastle United either. Their 11 game unbeaten run at the start of the season surprised everyone, with impressive results against Arsenal, Tottenham and Manchester United and the phenomenal goalscoring of striker Demba Ba has given the club the notice they deserve.

There may have been some odd results between the top teams in the league but we can't ignore how well some of the lesser teams have done against the bigger clubs. The notable games include QPR's home win against Chelsea, Sunderland's late win against Manchester City and quite recently Aston Villa's away win against Chelsea.

No team can play anyone else in the league and expect an easy win whether it be home or away. Every team in the league has their strengths and against some teams, these pay off and they get the result they deserve. For example Wigan Athletic pulled off two draws at home against Chelsea and then Liverpool, results that they deserved due to resilience and sheer determination. We take Swansea, newly promoted but with their slick passing game and a solid goalkeeper, they have picked up some good results this season. Even Blackburn Rovers have beaten Arsenal and Manchester United and have drawn at Liverpool yet got beaten by relegation rivals Bolton the following week.

No one is unbeatable in the league and nothing will change as the season progresses. Teams will become stronger, squads will be strengthened and there will be more surprising results to come, making the Barclays Premier League more exciting than ever.

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